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Jewelry & Diamonds


Save Thousands Over Traditional Jewelry Stores


Whether you are looking to purchase a new piece of jewelry or upgrade your current

jewelry - Statewide Pawn has a large, high quality selection to choose from.  Each piece is

carefully selected, cleaned and polished to look as beautiful as the day it was created. 


Save hundreds or even thousands of dollars, when buying from Statewide Pawn. 

We welcome you to compare our prices to those found at the traditonal jewelry stores and

the competition.


Looking to Sell Your Jewelry...?


Just as you can save when buying from us - you can earn hundreds or even thousands when selling your valuable Jewlery to Statewide Pawn.  We start by thoroughly examining and evaluting your jewelry - looking at the Precious Metal, Diamonds & Gemstones, and Overall Design of the piece.  Each step along the way, we carefuly explain how we value your jewelry, to offer you the highest possible price.  Make Statewide your first and last stop when buying and selling your Jewelry...!

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